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the Discalced Carmelites of Traditional Observance

            The Reform of our holy Mother Teresa de Jesus gave back to the Primitive Rule of Carmel what had been taken from it. "La Madre" gave the Order its definitive form and truly its soul - orienting it back towards its end by accentuating the contemplative tendency, and San Juan dela Cruz did the same. The Teresian Carmelite Reform stated precisely the mission of Carmel. It was for this that St. Teresa suffered so much, that our holy Father John of the Cross was almost put to death. 

            It is this Rule which makes us truly children of our holy Mother Teresa of Jesus and of our holy Father John of the Cross, which really makes us Carmelites. This Rule then ought to dominate, to command the Constitutions, the customs; this is the law, the norm, the judiciary criterion which enables us to judge whether or not the novelties since Vatican II are according to the Order; "if they are not conformable to the Rule, it is not good, it must be suppressed!" (Fr. Jerome of the Mother of God, C.D.) 

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       "I cannot think why we should be astonished at all the evils which exist in the Church, when those who ought to be models on which all may pattern their virtues are nullifying the work wrought in the religious Orders by the spirit of the Saints of old.... 

      This [is]... a great pity... when a monastery follows standards and allows recreations which belong to the world... Many... are to be pitied: they wish to escape from the world, and, thinking that they are going to serve the Lord and flee from the world and its perils, they find themselves in ten worlds at once... Youth, sensuality and the devil invite and incline them to do things which are

completly worldly; and they see that these things are... [naturally] 'all right'. To me, in some ways, they resemble those unhappy ['Bible-only'] heretics, who wilfully blind themselves and proclaim that what they do is good; and believe it to be so, yet without real confidence, for there is something within them that tells them they are doing wrong.

             Oh, what terrible harm... is wrought in Religious (I am referring now as much to men as to women) when the religious life is not properly observed; when of the two paths that can be followed - one leading to virtue and the observance of the Rule and the other leading away from the Rule - our sins cause THE MORE IMPERFECT ROAD to be the more commonly taken; BEING THE BROADER, it is MORE GENERALLY FAVOURED. The way of true religion is frequented so little that if the Religious are to begin to follow their vocation truly, they need to be more afraid of the Religious in their own house than of all the devils!" (Vida, VII).

St. Teresa of Jesus

             The official 'Order of Discalced Carmelites' - re-'branded' by Vatican II 'up-dating' as men of 'fraternity' (no longer the Teresian ideal of solitary hermits), men of 'humanist' service (the 'love' of men IS the 'love of God'), and 'Carmelites' of ordinary devotion (compare in our page "The Order" on its traditional school of Teresian contemplation) - stands therefore condemned by our holy Mother as above, bearing Vatican II fruits of preponderant 'liberal Modernist' corruption ('enjoying God up there and the world down here', cf., Vida, VII: "On the one hand, God was calling me. On the other, I was following the world. All the things of God gave me great pleasure, yet I was tied and bound to those of the world. It seemed as if I wanted to reconcile these two contradictory things, so completely opposed to one another...). In keeping then with the Rule which bids us "Let all you do have the Lord’s word for accompaniment," we follow the traditional pre-Vatican II religious discipline and ceremonial of the "Order of the Virgin" (Our Lord to St. Teresa), drawing only from its same sane traditional source of holy noursihment - the Tridentine Rite of the Liturgy - as is the desire of God's Heart: 


Stand ye on the ways, and see and ask for the old paths which is the good way,

and walk ye in it: and you shall find refreshment for your souls....

And we charge you, brethren, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

that you withdraw yourselves from them who walk disorderly,

and not according to the Tradition which they have received of us

(Jeremias 6.16; II Thessalonians 3.6)

Teresian Catholic Resistance

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Luther honored at the Vatican

"I would stand up alone against all Lutherans [with these 'official' hierarchs of Vatican II 'ecumenical' "disorientation"] in order to make them understand their error" (St. Teresa, "Spiritual Testimonies," III,8).

Discalced Brethren of the
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"It is painful to see such a great disorientation and in so many persons who occupy places of responsibility... the devil has succeeded in infiltrating evil under the cover of good... in leading... priests and... consecrated souls... into error... They are blind men guiding other blind men" (The Apocalyptic "Great Sign in heaven" at Fatima to Sr. Lucia, C.D.). 

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"....The Roman Pontiff... may nonetheless be contradicted if he be found to have deviated from the Faith. Remembering also that, where danger is greater, it must more fully and more diligently be counteracted... lest We seem to be dumb watchdogs [cf., Is. 56.10] that cannot bark and lest We perish with the wicked husbandman and be compared with the hireling" (Pope Paul IV, "Cum ex...," 15 Feb. 1559).

See more - "Our Catholic Mandate". 

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What fellowship hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial?

Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever? 

(II Corinthians 6.14-15)